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Lighting Options

Use our Lighting Design options to add that WOW factor !!!

From Uplighting to focus on outdoor landscaping or Wall Washes that compliment your chosen color pallet, Audio To-Go's Lighting Options will add that extra touch that brings it all together.

DJ adjusting equipments

(only $29.95/light)

Add elegant and eye-pleaseing Uplighting to your room or event area.  Uplighting that is shown up walls , columns, or spotted onto a specific area will be a stimulating feel to your event-even place them outsideand shine them upon landscaping elements.

Gobo Monograms


Personalized Gobo's (letters projected on a floor or wall)

can add that just right touch to any event.  Numerous options are available.  Pricing varies.  Please allow at least 60-days lead time for ordering.

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